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Saunders“The world of marketing and communications is fast-paced and dynamic. Layer Cake has the resources to provide support swiftly and effectively. Whether a large corporate annual report or a small brochure, Layer Cake provided us superb service while meeting stringent deadlines.” Teena Morath, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Saunders Construction  

“I first met Kimberly back in 2002 when she helped fill a marketing void at the company I was working for. I found her ability to jump in and make an immediate impact a breath of fresh air. I have since collaborated with Kimberly over the years on various industry stories.  We have high standards for our deliverables and Kimberly’s group jumped right in and acted as an extension of our staff, never missing a beat. Each project was unique and Layer Cake understood what it would take to tackle each element. From graphics, writing and strategy to team coordination and execution, Layer Cake’s partnership has been an asset to our organization”.  Marcy D. Loughran, Marketing and Communications Director, Saunders Construction


“I get pitches all day from people in public relations and marketing. I ignore most of them.  But I always listen to Layer Cake. They’ve got great ideas, they understand how the media works, they grasp what is – and what isn’t – a newspaper story, and they understand how to be clear and compelling. In addition to all of this, they’re a pleasure to work with.”  Douglas J. Brown, Features Writer, The Denver Post  

“In today’s media environment, promptness is both a welcome attribute and a survival strategy, and Layer Cake’s quick responses allow me to work at the speed of the Internet. If they don’t have it already, they’ll get it for you right away, and that lets me worry about bigger-picture issues rather than how many pixels are in a photograph or whether or not I can change my interview time with an artist.”  John Wenzel, A&E Reporter / Blogs Editor, The Denver Post   


“In my over thirty years of professional experience I have had the opportunity to work with many great marketing and creative consultants. Based on the highly successful results of our work with Layer Cake, we would unquestionably put them at the top of the list. Layer Cake provides great leadership, follow-through, energy, creative passion, and a desire for nothing but the highest quality work. There was not one part of our collaboration that was given anything less than their absolute best effort.”  Dennis R. Humphries, AIA, Principal, Humphries Poli Architects 


“Within a very short time frame, Layer Cake helped us launch an effective social media campaign while successfully appealing to major media sources. Not only were they adept at navigating a multi-tiered media landscape, they were personable and efficient. We couldn’t be more pleased with the process or the outcome.”  Malik Robinson, Senior Director, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance


“One of the best marketers in the AEC industry; just gets it from every aspect. Layer Cake looks at the big picture and provides the necessary marketing and business development details needed to be effective and accomplish the goal at hand. Deadline-driven and intense at understanding and delivering expectations.” Carey Allen, Business Development Dir., Kiewit

“Layer Cake exhibits excellent skills and a great work ethic, but in addition – if you’re in the building industry, they are your go‐to firm. Kimberly Graham has been marketing this industry for more  than 20 years, and she’s as enthusiastic as any marketer I have met. Layer Cake understands what we do and how to present it in a way that connects with clients and their needs, while showcasing our professionalism and technical knowledge.  Whether it is their understanding of excellent project photography, designing something that will draw the eye artistically to the focal point and message of the piece, or creative writing that makes you want to finish what you’ve started reading, it hits me: Layer Cake really gets construction and, more than that, they possess an evident passion for it.”  Joshua Roberts, Business Development Dir., Kiewit Infrastructure Group


“Layer Cake helped launch our fledgling racquetball program into the international spotlight. Their public relations support for the DAC’s first time hosting a WPRO Pro Am tournament, featuring the top women players in the world, resulted in print and broadcast news stories, as well as the viral power of social media to introduce the DAC to racquetball fans around the globe. I felt total confidence in Kimberly’s team representing the DAC with the level of professionalism expected from a private athletic club such as ours.  How many agencies blog about their clients? Layer Cake did, and it was frosting on the cake!”  Lauren Schwartz, Director of Marketing, Denver Athletic Club

The Denver Athletic Club enlisted the help of Layer Cake to refresh and incorporate a membership campaign into an annual signature event. They developed a punchy theme and supporting collateral which served the dual purpose of promoting the event, as well as giving the membership department evergreen pieces that could be used in sales kits. Layer Cake’s ability to honor the traditional branding of the historic club, while injecting a fresh sense of humor into an 18-year-old event, was superb!”  Lauren Schwartz, Director of Marketing, Denver Athletic Club


“As architects we tend to think and write very technically. Layer Cake is a magician at taking our thoughts and transforming them into sophisticated copy that is easily consumable by the general public. Layer Cake Creative comes with a bonus feature; they are also artists. Their aesthetic sensibilities give them the ability to grasp concepts critical to the design industry. This is an area where there is often a disconnect between the design community and your typical marketing professional. Layer Cake bridges that gap. I highly recommend them to help anyone to reach their marketing objectives, especially within the design and construction industry.”  Patrick Beaton, Architect, Bennett Wagner Grody Architects


“Layer Cake has been with us every step of the way while building our new website, from conception to completion. They consistently checked in with us to make sure we liked the direction everything was heading, and we ended up with the site we envisioned. We are extremely pleased with the work that Layer Cake has done for Apex IT, and we look forward to working with them on future projects. ”  Bryan Hinz, ApexIT       

“We asked Layer Cake to create a 45-second promo video for us to show at the Oracle OpenWorld conference – a major event for us. They created a dynamic and compelling piece using text, animation, and stock footage that engaged the crowd and elevated people’s perception of our company. After the conference, we put the video on our website and continue to get positive comments on it. ” Chris Rapp, ApexIT 


“Layer Cake is a special treat to work with. Yes, they have excellent skills and a great work ethic, but in addition, if you’re in the building industry, they are your go-to firm. They understand what we do and how to present it in a way that connects with clients and their needs, while showcasing our professionalism and technical knowledge. Whether it is their understanding of excellent project photography, designing something that will draw the eye artistically to the focal point and the message of the piece, or creative writing that makes you want to finish what you’ve started reading, Layer Cake really gets construction and, more than that, they possess and evident passion for it.” Josh Roberts, Marketing Manager, Western Summit Constructors, Inc.


“When working with Layer Cake, you can be guaranteed that a job will be completed on time and in a professional manner. Working with Kimberly on an article for the CO Real Estate Journal, she fit the assignment in (even working through the weekend); interviewed staff, and presented me with the piece first thing on a Monday AM. Because I knew her work ethic, I knew she’d make it work even with the short turnaround time I gave her.”  Melissa Winburne, Director of Marketing , Beaudin Ganze Consulting Engineers


“We approached Layer Cake about creating a logo – we were in the midst of a proposal and wanted a more professional look. Literally, within a couple days of explaining what we wanted to accomplish, we had initial concepts. Then, a day later, we saw color and treatment. Layer Cake created a logo in a week! They were quick to absorb our direction and deliver exactly what we were hoping for – very responsive and tuned in. Our proposal looked great and we have already recommended them to another business partner for more work.”  Renata Dolz, The Art Connection


“Simply put Layer Cake Creative Marketing Strategies gets results. We have been very pleased with the professionalism as well as their enthusiasm and energy in pursuing our marketing initiatives. Layer cake is a dynamic catalyst to our marketing efforts offering creativity, flawless execution and passion. I unconditionally recommend them.”   Nicole Deters Spader, Executive Director, No Barriers USA   

“Layer Cake led our PR, marketing, and recruitment effort for our biennial Summit, and their breadth of capabilities was impressive.  Not only did they manage traditional and social media, they developed beautiful brochures, media kits, promo videos, press releases and newsletters. They also seamlessly fit all of these components together, which made a big impact on the quality of the Summit and our overall branding and identity as an organization. Our foundation in Colorado is now much stronger as a result of Layer Cake.” Erik Weihenmayer, Board Chair of No Barriers USA, and only blind person to summit Mt. Everest & the “Seven Summits”


“Layer Cake Creative couples their artistic bent with clean, interesting, entertaining, and to-the point writing — a combination rarely encountered.  They have an uncanny ability to engage technical staff who willingly share the dry details of engineering.  Layer Cake takes that information and spins a very readable, yet accurate description of the project.  Without exception, all their efforts were organized to meet whatever time was available to meet deadlines, sometimes nearly impossible deadlines.”  Diane Strickler, Senior Vice President, The RMH Group


“I worked with Layer Cake on our company’s recent re-branding efforts. We utilized Kimberly as a group facilitator (she was awesome at gaining consensus), marketing expert and idea generator. She was creative, and delivered her projects on schedule and on (or under) budget. What I most appreciated was the ability to connect the dots way outside of the original scope of work… Layer Cake really cares and thinks about the process and a company’s unique situation.”  Stan Wagner , Business Manager, Group 14 Engineering


Duarte Consulting“Working with Layer Cake was an immensely enjoyable experience!  The Layer Cake team was able to tap into my vision and use effective strategies to develop a bold and unique brand for my business.  Their creativity and professionalism is simply unsurpassed. Months later, I remain overjoyed with the website, announcements and business cards developed for me.  Layer Cake truly does amazing work!”   Karey Duarte, Duarte Consulting


“What I believe put us over the top [in getting coverage] was help from Layer Cake…. I’ve been very impressed with our results so far.”  Chip Ross, Executive Director, Ars Nova Singers


“Layer Cake helped our team win a recent GC/CM transit project with their excellent proposal services. They worked onsite with us for several weeks, leading strategy and storyboarding, assisting with content generation and layout, and then providing a one-voice edit. They worked tirelessly and seamlessly with our team. We would not have shortlisted for this important project without their help”  Patrick Malone, PCL Construction


As a modern music ensemble often crossing into the abstract, we were struggling to communicate a clear message. Because of their heavy involvement with the arts, Layer Cake was the perfect firm for us. They helped us develop a tag line and elevator speech, shoot new photos, agree on a new logo, generate text for our season brochure, and when that was all done, organized a house concert to kick off our season! We are well into our most successful season ever!”  Conrad Kehn, Director, The Playground Ensemble


“Layer Cake produced all of our Design After Dark promotional materials, including concise, factual press releases, and other content that spoke to our wide-ranging audience. Their understanding of how to work with members of the press strengthened our ability to connect the event’s stakeholders to the press for interviews and photos. Most notably, their assistance with the development of our sponsor packets was relevant and interesting. They sparked curiosity and excitement in the minds of both our members and event sponsors and the results have been substantial.”  Darrin Alfred, Curator, Denver Art Museum Dept. of Architecture, Design & Graphics


“Layer Cake has worked with me on messaging and content, including a brochure, letter of introduction, announcement, and “elevator” speech, and we’re starting on PR. I have only received very positive feedback each and every time I present my firm brochure and tell my story, and Layer Cake is certainly a big part of that.  I couldn’t be happier with Layer Cake’s creativity, professionalism and cooperation (with me and with my graphic designer) in helping to establish the identity of my company.”  Stanley B. Turner, Principal, Insula Design Studio 


SAIC“Few consultants can reach a fluency with subject matter as readily as Kimberly and her team at Layer Cake Creative — especially technical subject matter like utility-scale renewable energy production. They really listen, ask questions, and verify before formulating solutions, saving on the many iterations (and time and frustration) that come with a less savvy understanding of audiences and markets. Efficiency and creativity don’t usually go together, but happily for clients like me, Kimberly and Layer Cake defy the oxymoron.”   Audrey Lengel Sr. Marketing Manager, R.W. Beck (now SAIC)


“I really enjoyed working with Layer Cake Creative. This was our team’s first project with this company and we had a short time frame to get our new website completed. After only a brief call describing our needs, Layer Cake brought our existing website content up to a higher level of clarity, expression & professionalism. The communication was timely and the work was a cut above excellent.” Nancy Johns, VP, Lockton Companies


CCD“Kimberly alone has 20 years of experience in marketing for the AEC industry, and she and her team at layer Cake are masterful communicators. Its clear to me that excellence permeates all that Layer Cake does, and they would be an excellent complement to the marketing efforts of any company involved in the AEC industry.” Mike Branigan, Publisher, Colorado Construction and Design


dcb Construction“The press and exposure we received is truly a reflection of the creative approach Layer Cake Creative takes in finding the right angle and making the right pitch. Our clients and new potential clients see these articles, which keeps us top of mind. The Layer Cake team has an understanding of our industry with such passion and drive, which appears to be the standard in what they do. With short deadlines, they produce quality work on time. They’re absolutely our go-to team!”  Barry A. Sherman, Architect / Principal & Vice President, dcb construction co. inc.


“I went to Layer Cake knowing they would know how to take the many ideas and thoughts I would like to convey to potential clients, and organize them into a meaningful tool. I knew what I wanted to say and who I wanted to say it to, but did not know how to go about the process efficiently and gracefully. They provided a comfortable environment in which I could express myself and how I wanted to help my potential clients meet their needs. When this concise work culminated into a published project, an ad in a stellar magazine, increased exposure, and an invitation to their fabulous 3rd birthday party, how could I not give them 5 stars?!”  Virginia Betty, Principal,  V Betty Interior Design


“Layer Cake has a strong understanding of what the media is looking for in a press release and company news, and they are quick to respond to my needs when contacting them – it’s refreshing working with professionals who understand my industry and my needs when it comes to reporting on the AEC industry.”  Melissa Leslie, Writer/Editor, Mountain States Construction


“I want to say how lovely I think the website is. I love the crispness and the simplicity. And of course I adore the artwork.  Thank you for your work. It was great.”  Kimberly R. Willoughby, Willoughby & Associates

“Working with Layer Cake has been a privilege and a pleasure for our firm. We had gone from one web design firm to the next without ever getting an actual website delivered, and when Layer Cake made a proposal we were skeptical.  Their graphic design team started with our logo, which we’re proud to use on all of our communication, and proceeded to create a highly usable, visually pleasing design that has gotten rave reviews from our clients and fellow attorneys. The site is easy to update and we felt we received excellent value for the money spent. Layer Cake gave us information about the website and search engines in language we easily understood. Everyone in their office is helpful and wonderful to work with. We can highly recommend LayerCake to anyone in need of web design and SEO services.”  Julia Huitt, Willoughby & Associates


“We have engaged Layer Cake on three occasions for branding work, including creation of our logo, and we’ve consistently been impressed. They listened to us, learned who we were, and understood our goals. They were easy to work with and the logo and brand elements they created look great and project our professionalism and approachable personality, plus the technical nature of our industry.” Ralph Graham, Partner, Graham Golden Technologies

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