Layer Cake Process

Our name says it all:  Layer Cake creates carefully balanced, blended, and layered initiatives that get rave reviews. Our customized “recipes” take into account your needs, budget, and goals. We take the time to get to know you and your business before we begin, and we check in with you at critical points during the project for input and approval.  We work with you to determine the most effective combination of services and we deliver on our promise of marketing and PR solutions that are: creatively conceived, strategically aligned, and artfully delivered.

Every project receives our full attention, every need is addressed, and every client is treated with respect.

1. We’re your Helping Hand (just a nibble):

When you just need help with one or two initiatives, or one facet of your PR & marketing strategy, we can jump in to work with you on an article, brochure, or press release; help you plan an event or get started with social media. But be warned: once you get that first taste of working with us, you’ll likely want another bite. . .

2. We’re your Strategic Advisor (take a slice):

Let us step in and lend more of our expertise and insight to your business. When you’re ready to take this step, we gather information about your company, your PR and marketing goals, and your target audience(s), and use our knowledge and experience to craft a strategy for success. Then, based on your comfort level and resources, we help you determine how to (and who will) implement each piece.

3. We’re your Marketing Department (the whole cake!):

Strategic plan in hand, we swing into action, working with you to plan and implement a coordinated and multifaceted approach that takes full advantage of all that we can offer your company – and you get back to doing what YOU love.

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