We work beautifully together because our skills and personalities are complementary and our approach to business is aligned. Every client is given our full attention and our best effort. We’re as professional as we are creative. Click on our photos to see our more artistic sides.

Kimberly MacArthur Graham, Founding Principal

Why I love what I do: I have always loved stories. My dad is, and his dad was, great story-tellers who could spin a yarn or teach a lesson – often, both – with ease. I am more dexterous with the written word, but working with clients to discover their stories and really make them resonate is a pure pleasure.

Why I love Layer Cake: I have been in this industry for more than 20 years, and have never worked with a better group of people. We work so well together because we respect one another and have fun. And that extends to our clients; we really care about them and the results of our work.

Work Activities: My main job is running the ship (and keeping it busy!), but you’ll also find me diving into technical writing, brainstorming and strategy sessions, and facilitation. I guess I love to tell people what to do! My background includes more than 20 years marketing for professional services – everything from copy writing to graphic design – and coming up on 10 years now of writing for magazines.

Michelle Baker, Design, Branding & Proposal Services

Why I love what I do:…because what I “do” is also my hobby. I get to combine my creativity and passion for helping others on a daily basis at Layer Cake Creative. I am constantly learning about new businesses and strategizing how to improve and build their brand awareness.

Why I Love Layer Cake: The Layer Cake Creative team is unlike any other I have collaborated with before. We are truly a talented, motivated, and innovative group. Each team member is encouraged to learn and share their knowledge and expertise to improve the capabilities of the firm as a whole. We support each other’s efforts to push the creative limits on our projects and are inspired by our clients.

Work Activities: I specialize in branding and design creation at Layer Cake. Whether its revamping an existing brand or creating an entirely new one, I enjoy the challenge of understanding a client’s business and expressing their core values through graphics. I also draw on my educational and professional background in architecture when working on proposals and collateral for clients within the A/E/C industry.

DJ HortonDJ Horton, Finance & Operations, Internal Traffic Coordinator, Video

Why I love what I do: Growing up with parents who were both high school educators fostered a thirst for knowledge. Working in small business finance allows me to learn something new every day in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. I love the thrill of problem solving by thinking strategically.

Why I love Layer Cake: Being at Layer Cake allows me to utilize my aptitude for “the numbers” in an environment where I am surrounded by creative people and projects. It is amazing to work with such talented colleagues.

Work Activities: My focus at Layer Cake is on the financial management and operations of the business. I am involved in everything from project budgeting to bookkeeping. I also help design and implement operational standards that help us to be the most effective agency around.

Kevin KowalczykKevin Kowalczyk, PR, Websites & Events

Why I love what I do: I enjoy being social, both in person & online, so working on online marketing campaigns is fun for me. Plus doing marketing lets me flex my creative muscles.

Why I love Layer Cake: It’s so refreshing to work with a group of people who are all creative and artistic. It really makes for a fun work environment and I’m still amazed at how well we work together.

Work Activities: My focus at Layer Cake is social media and events. I’ve been in the marketing & events industries for over a decade now and got my start in the marketing & PR department at the Fillmore Auditorium. Since then I’ve worked on hundreds of events at just about every venue in town. The last few years I’ve found myself concentrating on helping small businesses increase their online presence through social media, blogging & online marketing.

Daniel Kelly, Social Media and Content Marketing

Why I love what I do: I am always trying to challenge myself to learn something new every day.  The constantly changing world of social media provides these challenges and gives me an opportunity to express my creativity.

Why I love Layer Cake: It is great to work for a company that gives me so much responsibility and has such talented employees that come together to create the perfect team.

Work Activities: I manager our internal and client social media channels, including blogs and email lists.

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