Kimberly MacArthur Graham, Founding Principal

Why I love what I do: I have always loved stories. My dad is, and his dad was, great story-tellers who could spin a yarn or teach a lesson – often, both – with ease. I am more dexterous with the written word, but working with clients to discover their stories and really make them resonate is a pure pleasure.

Why I love Layer Cake: I have been in this industry for more than 20 years, and have never worked with a better group of people. We work so well together because we respect one another and have fun. And that extends to our clients; we really care about them and the results of our work.

Work Activities: My main job is running the ship (and keeping it busy!), but you’ll also find me diving into technical writing, brainstorming and strategy sessions, and facilitation. I guess I love to tell people what to do! My background includes more than 20 years marketing for professional services – everything from copy writing to graphic design – and coming up on 10 years now of writing for magazines.

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