• "I worked with Layer Cake on our company’s recent re-branding efforts. We utilized Kimberly as a group facilitator (she was awesome at gaining consensus), marketing expert and idea generator. What I most appreciated was the ability to connect the dots way outside of the original scope of work… Layer Cake really cares about the process."
    - Stan Wagner, Business Manager, Group 14 Engineering

How to Create a Custom Banner for Your Twitter Profile


Similar to Facebook and most recently, LinkedIn, your Twitter profile also showcases a header image which sits behind your business (or personal) profile picture. As marketers, we welcome the opportunity to use these large images as prime real estate to brand your business and share some valuable information about who you are, what you do, [...]

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Driving Sales Via Digital Marketing

Sales Funnel

Last week, I discussed how companies should unify their digital marketing presence, and explained how a brand’s digital marketing strategy, website, social media channels, SEO, PPC, and digital advertising should all work in unison to maximize results. Each tool provides traffic and valuable analytic data to the overall campaign, but (more importantly) each tool also [...]

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Kyla Feeney- Marketing Coordinator Master


To continue letting you get to know some of the faces behind Layer Cake Creative, we’ve decided to highlight our master of coordinating marketing, Kyla Feeney. Kyla works with one of Layer Cake’s clients coordinating all creative team efforts, managing projects and deadlines, and being a creative genius!

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Don’t Be Awkward, and Other Networking Tips

Hello I Am Talented Name Tag Job Fair Introduction Networking

After work today, I’ll be attending an American Society of Interior Designers event with my coworker. I haven’t been yet, but I imagine the experience will include nametags, glasses of red wine, and a room full of strangers. In other words, a social quagmire. It’s taken me a while to get comfortable at networking events. [...]

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Digital Marketing Defined

Digital Marketing infographic

The term “digital marketing” can be confusing to individuals unfamiliar with the tools and processes marketers use to build brand awareness, drive leads, and convert sales online. When marketers say “digital marketing,” we are often referring to a combined effort of several tools working together. The proper orchestration of these efforts produces the most effective [...]

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