• "I worked with Layer Cake on our company’s recent re-branding efforts. We utilized Kimberly as a group facilitator (she was awesome at gaining consensus), marketing expert and idea generator. What I most appreciated was the ability to connect the dots way outside of the original scope of work… Layer Cake really cares about the process."
    - Stan Wagner, Business Manager, Group 14 Engineering

Broader Questions, Bigger Answers

      Outside of the Layer Cake office, I run an arts event called Making the Mountain. The premise is pretty simple: a variety of artists tell the story of how they came to their craft and show their work. The event is somewhere in the shaded area of a TED Talk and VH1 [...]

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Collaboration or Confrontation: What Makes a Good Agency-Client Relationship

Few things are harder to say than good-bye. No matter whether it’s a death or a divorce, parting ways can be emotionally draining and often, financially taxing as well. If only we had better hindsight, or clearer crystal balls, and could see a good relationship sour down the road! Since we can’t, most of us [...]

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My Resolutions Summed Up: Creative Expression

  So how are those New Year resolutions working out? If you’re like me, you have found yourself stranded in the middle of January with little to no thought put into what you should focus or re-focus on in 2015. Which is better than those that have already relapsed; exchanging carrots for chocolate. But what [...]

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Community Cake: A Piece of the Denver Inner City Parish

At Layer Cake Creative, giving back to the community where we live, work and play is true to who we are.  It is great to see the impact it can make for the families and individuals around us and makes for a rewarding and heart-felt experience. Yesterday, I took some time and spent my evening [...]

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Playing the Numbers Game in Networking

A friend of mine moved to Denver to get into the beer industry. After nine months in Colorado, she met a guy at a beer festival who was opening a brewery in a few months. They hit it off, and he offered her the chance to be his assistant brewer, unpaid. Two years later, she’s [...]

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