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I was amazed at how quickly Kimberly can turn around and articulate back to us language that is specific to our industry and business. But she is not only an extremely capable technical editor who understands the nuances of creating clear and compelling technical copy; she is a strong visual thinker. She worked well with the graphic designers and video producers to create overall content — words and images together – that delivered our message clearly and with high impact.

Chris Rapp
CEO, Apex IT

Kiewit’s proposals have benefitted from Kimberly’s clear understanding of the proposal process and technical subject matter, and her ability to help produce proposals with compelling content and supporting graphics. She is proficient at defining strategy and approach, and she works as well with our operations and estimating staff as with our internal proposal group. We have counted on Layer Cake for many years and will continue to do so. We see Kimberly as an extension of our team.

Carey Allen
Director, Kiewit Infrastructure Proposal Group

Layer Cake helped our team win a recent GC/CM transit project with excellent proposal services. Kimberly worked onsite with us for several weeks, leading strategy and storyboarding, assisting with content generation and layout, and then providing a one-voice edit. She worked tirelessly and seamlessly with our team. We would not have shortlisted for this important project without her help.

Patrick Malone
Corporate Business Development Director, PCL Construction

I first met Kimberly back in 2002 when she helped fill a marketing void at the company I was working for. I found her ability to jump in and make an immediate impact a breath of fresh air. I have since collaborated with Kimberly over the years on various industry stories.  We have high standards for our deliverables and Kimberly’s group jumped right in and acted as an extension of our staff, never missing a beat. Each project was unique and Layer Cake understood what it would take to tackle each element. From graphics, writing and strategy to team coordination and execution, Layer Cake’s partnership has been an asset to our organization.

Marcy Loughran
Marketing Director, Saunders Construction

Layer Cake Creative couples their artistic bent with clean, interesting, entertaining, and to-the point writing — a combination rarely encountered.  They have an uncanny ability to engage technical staff who willingly share the dry details of engineering.  Layer Cake takes that information and spins a very readable, yet accurate description of the project.  Without exception, all their efforts were organized to meet whatever time was available to meet deadlines, sometimes nearly impossible deadlines.

Diane Strickler
Senior Vice President, The RMH Group

Few consultants can reach fluency with subject matter as readily as Kimberly — especially technical subject matter like utility-scale renewable energy production. She really listens, asks questions, and verifies before formulating solutions, saving on the many iterations (and time and frustration) that come with a less savvy understanding of audiences and markets. Efficiency and creativity don’t usually go together, but happily for clients like me, Layer Cake defies the oxymoron.

Audrey Lengel
Senior Marketing Manager, SAIC

I really enjoyed working with Layer Cake. This was our team’s first project with this company and we had a short time frame to get our new website completed. After only a brief call describing our needs, Kimberly brought our existing website content up to a higher level of clarity, expression & professionalism. The communication was timely and the work was a cut above excellent.

Nancy Johns
Vice President, Lockton Companies