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“Flush Out” Versus “Flesh Out” and Other Common Eggcorns and Idio-mistakes

“Flush out” versus “flesh out” and other common eggcorns and idio-mistakes

  As a language geek and etymology freak, I adore idioms. What isn’t to love about “scapegoat,” “three sheets to the wind” or “looking a gift horse in the mouth”? They are vivid expressions that add color and fun to communication, especially when used conversationally.   The English language, for all of its awkwardness, is [...]

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What’s the Difference? You Know What I Mean

When Is It Proper To Use Ampersand In Place of And?

This is the first in an occasional series that grouses about the demise of proper communication thanks to texting, Facebook, and other modern-day inconveniences.   When Is It Proper To Use Ampersand In Place of And? I (heart) the ampersand. I love the word and I adore the snaky symbol (&), especially when rendered in [...]

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Aglow About Charcoal

Another Layer Cake “Excellence in Experience” award goes to Charcoal restaurant,which opened in our ‘hood early this year. We were peckish and looking for something new, something delicious in every sense. Charcoal came recommended and rightfully so. First, the food. I ate – no devoured – salad, bread, seafood, and greens so perfectly dressed, seasoned, [...]

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The ‘Wonderments’ of Great Storytelling at Sketch

Well, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day – and who doesn’t love good food?  Recently, the wait at our “regular” restaurant was too long, so we ventured out – and were amply rewarded with a great meal and – dearer to our PR hearts – a great story. We were wined, dined, and entertained at Sketch, the [...]

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