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Grammatical Enough Works For Most


For all the grammatical rules out there, there are just as many blog posts pointing out that everything we think we know about grammar is wrong. A few examples: Top Ten Grammar Myths, Most of What You Think You Know About Grammar Is Wrong, and 7 Common Grammar Myths You’ll Never Fall For Again. These [...]

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Product Placement


This week AdWeek will host a Twitter chat inviting its followers to weigh in on their thoughts related to product placement. Rather than just Tweet about the subject, I thought I would write a blog about it. By definition, product placement is the inclusion or reference to any product or service that is featured by [...]

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The Easy Grammar Rules


No one likes grammar, just like no one likes traffic laws. But as unlikeable as both are, they are each important. Grammar doesn’t have to be as unpleasant as you remember. With these tips for easy grammar, it can actually be pretty easy. The first rule of easy grammar: avoidance. If you can’t figure out [...]

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To Put It Simply: Hello!

Vector vintage background made from speech bubbles

Hi! I’m Rebecca Aronauer, and I just joined the team at Layer Cake to help with messaging and copywriting. As a longtime writer, I know writing is hard. There are a million rules, and many of them are contradictory. (Don’t get me started on the logic of who’s and whose.) And then there’s the pressure [...]

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Culture Review: Monkey Town


This past weekend I had one of the most unique experiences of my life at Monkey Town 4.  Described as “the legendary New York City video cinema and dining experience” it’s definitely worth checking out before it’s gone at the end of this month. Upon arrival you’re greeted with a glass of champagne (and who [...]

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