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To Put It Simply: Hello!

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Hi! I’m Rebecca Aronauer, and I just joined the team at Layer Cake to help with messaging and copywriting. As a longtime writer, I know writing is hard. There are a million rules, and many of them are contradictory. (Don’t get me started on the logic of who’s and whose.) And then there’s the pressure [...]

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Culture Review: Monkey Town


This past weekend I had one of the most unique experiences of my life at Monkey Town 4.  Described as “the legendary New York City video cinema and dining experience” it’s definitely worth checking out before it’s gone at the end of this month. Upon arrival you’re greeted with a glass of champagne (and who [...]

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Don’t Be Content With Your Content- The 70/20/10 Rule (Part 2)

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After a week of suspense for part 2 of this 3 part series, the wait is finally over.  In last week’s blog we went over the 70/20/10 rule when creating content and then went into detail about the 70%.  This week we will dive deeper into this rule by going into detail about the 20% [...]

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Tongal: Crowdsourcing for Creativity


By now, many of us have come across crowdsourcing in some form or another.  It’s defined as obtaining (information or input into a particular task or project) by enlisting the services of a number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the Internet. Many companies use it for market research on their products, some use [...]

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“Flush Out” Versus “Flesh Out” and Other Common Eggcorns and Idio-mistakes

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“Flush out” versus “flesh out” and other common eggcorns and idio-mistakes

  As a language geek and etymology freak, I adore idioms. What isn’t to love about “scapegoat,” “three sheets to the wind” or “looking a gift horse in the mouth”? They are vivid expressions that add color and fun to communication, especially when used conversationally.   The English language, for all of its awkwardness, is [...]

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