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Blowing Smoke: Despite Hype, First For-Profit MJ Ad in NY Times is Utterly Normal


When I learned that the New York Times had agreed to run a full-page ad related to cannabis, I almost choked on my salad of wild greens (a.k.a., weeds).  The Times has run ads for cannabis non-profits such as NORML, but picturing the staid tastemaker embracing this rebellious teenager of a for-profit industry was just [...]

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Love Thy Neighbor, Translation- Good Riddance.

Love Thy Neighbor

There is a new trend emerging in the construction realm and it involves utilizing design to promote local business during demolition and construction. We’ve all witnessed construction eye soars, with ghastly perimeter fencing, showcasing attempted advertising to transform its construction zone from drab to fab, but let’s face it. As an outstanding opportunity for creative [...]

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The Devil in (Overlooking) the Details: How to Recover from Mistakes

Mistake Word Person Overcoming Error to Success

As a consultancy that budgets and bills by the hour, and whose work is invariably deadline-driven, we are often working inhumanly fast – on multiple projects. This does not support meticulous work and that is why we proof things multiple times. Ideally, the proofer has never seen / read the piece they’re reviewing, so we [...]

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Google’s Tiny Logo Tweak


  Google just made what is arguably, and quite possibly, the tiniest logo tweak in history. Did you notice? If you did – congratulations, you’ve got one “heck” of an eye – just like the keen “Redditor” who brought this minor change to our attention.                     [...]

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5 Tips for an Effective (Print) Ad Campaign PART II

Print concept with vintage letterpress

In my previous blog we looked at five ways to launch (and maintain) an effective print ad campaign. Since then, the Layer Cake team has kicked off ad campaign strategy sessions for both clients and us. Exercising this process has only reminded me of the importance of always kicking off your campaign by conceptualizing its [...]

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