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“Flush Out” Versus “Flesh Out” and Other Common Eggcorns and Idio-mistakes

“Flush out” versus “flesh out” and other common eggcorns and idio-mistakes

  As a language geek and etymology freak, I adore idioms. What isn’t to love about “scapegoat,” “three sheets to the wind” or “looking a gift horse in the mouth”? They are vivid expressions that add color and fun to communication, especially when used conversationally.   The English language, for all of its awkwardness, is [...]

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Information to Love and Share: What is an “Item of Value” and how does it improve marketing ROI?

Item of Value Marketing

What is an “Item of Value” and how does it improve marketing ROI? This week I’ve been rather frantically trying to identify a blog topic, with no success. It seemed like the more I tried to nail it down, the more an interesting subject eluded me. When I arrived home yesterday, still topic-less, I noted [...]

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PR for a Great Denver Cause

We’ve been lucky enough to be the PR Agency for this year’s Denver Designer Show House. Pitching this project has been a breeze, because we really believe in it! Participating has been rewarding for a variety of reasons, including: (1) It benefits Children’s Hospital Colorado; (2) The home is gorgeous and the design solutions are [...]

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The Artful Pitch

We recently earned a great media placement for a client, a front-page story on a development project, written by the architecture critic. But it didn’t come easy. Yes, we wrote a smart news release, and yes, we carefully distributed it, along with a tailored introduction, to a select list of reporters – and yes, we [...]

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How Sweet It is To Be an Intern @ Layer Cake!

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me yet, you probably will hear my name floating around or maybe we’ll even have the pleasure of talking business soon. My name is Dana Quinto, and I just got set up (with all the necessary accoutrements) to intern at Layer Cake’s hip new office in the [...]

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