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Should Brands Abandon Facebook Marketing?

Is it time to abandon Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is tightening their fists again on the organic reach of posts on company walls.  The latest reports suggest that Zuckerberg’s empire is planning to restrict a brand’s ability to organically reach its followers down to 1-2%. This means that every time you post something on your company wall only 1-2% of those followers that [...]

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What is Interactive Video?

How you can use interactive video to push your marketing to the next level.

Marketing has quickly become so targeted, it’s scary. Big data and improved internet tracking metrics allow companies to market directly to a consumer based on their interests, likes, and needs without every laying eyes on them. Right now, it’s happening to me in a BIG way. My fiancé and I are in the process of [...]

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3 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn login page

  I often look at major marketing firms who have little to no presence on LinkedIn and wonder: How much do they really know about social media? The simple reason why LinkedIn should matter to you and your company is because LinkedIn is the second largest search engine for businesses in the world. 80% of [...]

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What is a Secret Menu & Why Do They Deliver ?

Top Secret Stamp

  It seems like everyone is talking about “secret menus” these days, which ironically, means they’re not so secret anymore. What is a Secret Menu? If it’s new to you, a secret menu includes unadvertised, specially prepared items that consumers learn about by word of mouth (in person and online). Fast food and fast-casual restaurants [...]

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Blogging Can Take a Company’s Brand to a New High

You can’t get on the Internet today without coming across a blog of some sort. So what is the actual purpose of a blog besides just an author’s chosen method of publicizing (free of charge) what is on his or her mind? Well, when it comes to a “business blog” there are multiple benefits: they [...]

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