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5 Reasons Your Company’s Facebook Is Failing


Social media has evolved to be a necessary component of your overall marketing strategy. But if your company is on Facebook just because you’ve been told you’re supposed to, don’t expect any results. Like any other component of your marketing strategy, you need to develop a strategic approach to marketing on Facebook.  By failing to [...]

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Frontier Airlines Flying High with New/Old Brand


Yesterday was a day full of animals, some friendly and some decidedly less so. Let’s start with the friendly. As part of Frontier Airlines’ brand refresh, unveiled in Denver on Tuesday, the plane livery grants even more real estate to the beloved tail animals. P.S. Studios, who did the rebrand, surveyed to find out what [...]

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Marketing at the Speed of Twitter


This week, Adweek called out two companies for responding quickly to news on social media: the first one did a great job of incorporating their brand into a trending story, the second got involved in the wrong hashtag. From the outside, it looked like the two companies, Nissan UK and DiGiorno, were responding quickly to [...]

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Any Press Is Good Press, When You’re Prepared


Chances are you have heard the phrase, “Any press is good press,” but is this true in today’s marketing environment? The idea behind the saying is that brand awareness is so valuable it outweighs any negative content that accompanies it. Some would argue that this is true others would argue against it, and plenty of [...]

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Oh, Kiss Off! Why Hershey’s New Logo Doesn’t Stink

As the owner of three pets, I know a steaming pile when I see it. And frankly, emojis* aside, I don’t think that Hershey’s new logo is one. To those who say that the “Kiss” looks too much like a pile of poo, I say you spend too much time texting and not enough time [...]

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