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Why Cinco de Mayo is Ideal for Marketing Campaigns

Cinco De Mayo

  For most, celebrating Cinco de Mayo is more about drinking than remembering a battle where the Mexican underdogs defeated the French. But what does that mean for merchants? Big business! According to sources, Corona can be named as the brand that turned Cinco de Mayo into an American holiday and manifested a magnifico marketing [...]

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Is Mobilegeddon the apocalypse for small business SEO?

image (9)

  On April 21st, Google rolled out a new algorithm update that was nicknamed Mobilegeddon. The updated algorithm now includes mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor for all Google mobile search queries. A week after the rollout, much of the dust has cleared and many leading SEO experts are agreeing that the overall results of Mobilegeddon [...]

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Great Company Name or .com: Which comes first?

Shakespeare famously inquired, “What’s in a name?” When naming a company, product, the answer is “A lot of thought, discussion, and research”! While it’s always been a balancing act of creative, strategic, and practical (including legal) aspects, but in a world of proliferating websites, everything can be trumped by availability. That’s right. In any naming [...]

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With Dialogue Comes Quality Control


In general, I think World War Two dictators are a bad rhetorical tool. But in the case of the Swiss retailer Migros unfortunate mini-creamer decorations, Hitler isn’t just a hypothetical example. Migros actually printed the faces of Hitler and Mussolini on its mini-creamers. How did European dictators end up on mini-cream containers? Before this incident, [...]

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Marketing Nibbles: Custom Vs. Template Website Design


Building a website is a big project, probably much larger than you even think. For the majority of our clients the first thing we consider for them is if a custom designed site is right for them or if we can create a site based on an already existing template.  This video goes over some [...]

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