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Personal Branding Lessons from an NFL Player

Branding - RG3 Logo

Earlier this month Robert Griffin III (RG3 as he is affectionately known), Quarterback for the Washington Redskins, unveiled a new personal logo and brand. The unveiling of his new logo came a few weeks prior to a new partnership with Adidas, and is polarizing the sports world. Sports purists (including countless well known columnists) are [...]

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“Flush Out” Versus “Flesh Out” and Other Common Eggcorns and Idio-mistakes

“Flush out” versus “flesh out” and other common eggcorns and idio-mistakes

  As a language geek and etymology freak, I adore idioms. What isn’t to love about “scapegoat,” “three sheets to the wind” or “looking a gift horse in the mouth”? They are vivid expressions that add color and fun to communication, especially when used conversationally.   The English language, for all of its awkwardness, is [...]

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7 Critical Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Networking Event Do's and Don'ts

If you’re a professional, I’m sure you know there’s certainly no shortage of networking events and opportunities. I could attend one (or multiple) every day of the week if my heart so desired. Working for a small business, I especially know how important it is for everyone to build and bring in business which means [...]

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A Teaspoon of Marketing Insight From My Holiday Train Ride

During the holidays, my husband and I took our first-ever Amtrak train, an overnight run from Denver’s Union Station to visit family in Centerville, Iowa.  We rented a sleeper car for the 12-hour journey and, with fantastic customer care and zero hassles with TSA, no  lost luggage, or having to find a rural gas station [...]

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Colorado College’s Big Idea Competition awards $50,000 to Students

Colorado College recently announced changes to its year-old “Big Idea” business plan competition.  The competition awarded $50,000 to a team of students who developed a business plan and won the pitch competition held last spring. The college has announced plans to incorporate an “Innovation Institute” that will bring CC student teams together with Colorado professionals [...]

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