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Lessons from Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Keep Calm Arrow Over Word Panic Stress Pressure

Keep Calm and Carry On has become one of most recognizable slogans in British history, though it was never used for its intended purpose. As I learned last week from Mashable, the slogan, which has donned countless posters, t-shirts, and coffee mugs in the 2000s, was never part of any WWII propaganda; the phrase was never [...]

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What Story Are You Telling?


Over the past week, I visited New York, where I grew up and lived for most of my life. It was a great vacation: I caught up with friends and family, I ate well, and I saw great art. Before I left for my trip, I made a conscious decision to focus on the positive [...]

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LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform


LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals providing a platform for individual professionals to connect with each other, connecting people to firms, and employees with their employers and coworkers. Basically, if you combined networking events, water cooler talk, a Rolodex of business cards, and a company newsletter. . .  you would get LinkedIn. [...]

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WAIT!! Slowing Down in a Fast-paced Environment


Okay…this blog post isn’t entirely original – it was inspired by a recent article in How Magazine – but the message resonated with me and is absolutely worth sharing. Let me introduce myself, again. I’m a designer with a very busy schedule – not only at work but just in general. The weeks fly by [...]

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Managing Client Expectations: Keys for Success

Acronym of CRM - Client Relationship Management

Just as we take the time to manage our relationships in our personal lives, it’s crucial to also do so in our professional lives; particularly with clients. They look to you to solve a problem they don’t have the solution to and typically arrive at your agency with high expectations and little knowledge of your [...]

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