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Should Brands Abandon Facebook Marketing?

Is it time to abandon Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is tightening their fists again on the organic reach of posts on company walls.  The latest reports suggest that Zuckerberg’s empire is planning to restrict a brand’s ability to organically reach its followers down to 1-2%. This means that every time you post something on your company wall only 1-2% of those followers that [...]

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Information to Love and Share: What is an “Item of Value” and how does it improve marketing ROI?

Item of Value Marketing

What is an “Item of Value” and how does it improve marketing ROI? This week I’ve been rather frantically trying to identify a blog topic, with no success. It seemed like the more I tried to nail it down, the more an interesting subject eluded me. When I arrived home yesterday, still topic-less, I noted [...]

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Chipotle & Value Branding

Chipotle Video

Denver based Chipotle has always been one for innovative marketing. I always loved their simple, yet effective billboards promoting their fresh and local/organic ingredients. They even produce/sponsor music and food outdoor festivals across the country each summer (they call them Cultivate Festivals.)  Recently they’ve also produced a series of non-traditional high profile clips (music videos [...]

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3 Original Tips to Maximize Your Content Marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest on a computer

  A new Pew research poll shows 73% of online adults are now using social media, and while LinkedIn commands the business class and Facebook boasts 1.2 Billion users as of 2013, there are other social media channels to consider while on the hunt for your proprietary audience. In this article I want to take [...]

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4 Tips for Better Facebook Content Engagement

Put the pieces together for more engaging Facebook content.

The number of followers on my Facebook page is the most important piece of my social media efforts, right? Not necessarily. Growing the number of people who are fans and followers is a valuable part of your Facebook presence and should be part of your focus, but now Facebook only shows your posts to around 5% [...]

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