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Product Placement


This week AdWeek will host a Twitter chat inviting its followers to weigh in on their thoughts related to product placement. Rather than just Tweet about the subject, I thought I would write a blog about it. By definition, product placement is the inclusion or reference to any product or service that is featured by [...]

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How to Create a Successful #HashtagCampaign


#HashtagCampaign; one of the most popular, yet most poorly executed strategies that social media marketers use.  Seems easy, right?  All you do is pick a hashtag and promote it across your social media channels while you watch thousands of people sharing their stories using your hashtag. Well it’s not quite that easy, especially for big [...]

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The Easy Grammar Rules


No one likes grammar, just like no one likes traffic laws. But as unlikeable as both are, they are each important. Grammar doesn’t have to be as unpleasant as you remember. With these tips for easy grammar, it can actually be pretty easy. The first rule of easy grammar: avoidance. If you can’t figure out [...]

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Brands that Sink their Teeth Into Shark Week


Shark Week has captivated viewers for more than a quarter of a century and many brands continue to take advantage of the celebrated TV phenomenon. Between merchandise, promotions and giveaways there is an ocean of opportunities floating on the surface, but for brands to be rise above the rest they have to dive a little [...]

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Be Different- Advertising Campaigns that Work


Breaking through consumers’ digitally fragmented and multi-platformed universe is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s advertising world. Producing content that creates a response and leaves a lasting impression has become a daunting and elusive task and in order to grab the consumers’ attention you must capture wonder, imagination, compassion and more just to break the surface. [...]

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