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The Value of Professional Headshots

It has been said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In today’s digital age, unfortunately, first impressions often happen when we aren’t even aware we’re being ‘introduced’ to our next perspective business partner. From LinkedIn to Facebook, our digital footprint is getting broader and broader and so too is [...]

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Any Press Is Good Press, When You’re Prepared


Chances are you have heard the phrase, “Any press is good press,” but is this true in today’s marketing environment? The idea behind the saying is that brand awareness is so valuable it outweighs any negative content that accompanies it. Some would argue that this is true others would argue against it, and plenty of [...]

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Underused or Soon to be Abused: Snapchat’s Advertising Potential


Snapchat. The elusive platform that has made disappearing photos demanding has made a ruckus in the digital marketing space. Dozens of brands are flocking to be a Snapchat enthusiast, but only a few have proven success.   Tapped as the third-most used app among Millennials and sung as the way to capture the generation’s attention, [...]

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Oh, Kiss Off! Why Hershey’s New Logo Doesn’t Stink

As the owner of three pets, I know a steaming pile when I see it. And frankly, emojis* aside, I don’t think that Hershey’s new logo is one. To those who say that the “Kiss” looks too much like a pile of poo, I say you spend too much time texting and not enough time [...]

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How to Create a Custom Banner for Your Twitter Profile


Similar to Facebook and most recently, LinkedIn, your Twitter profile also showcases a header image which sits behind your business (or personal) profile picture. As marketers, we welcome the opportunity to use these large images as prime real estate to brand your business and share some valuable information about who you are, what you do, [...]

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