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Talented or Toxic: Why Employees Really ARE Like Mushrooms


Who hasn’t heard (or issued) the old complaint, “They treat me like a mushroom. They keep me in the dark. . . “ Not sure my team knows, but I DO think of my them like mushrooms. But before you send me hate mail, let me explain. First, I want to make it clear that [...]

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Grammatical Enough Works For Most


For all the grammatical rules out there, there are just as many blog posts pointing out that everything we think we know about grammar is wrong. A few examples: Top Ten Grammar Myths, Most of What You Think You Know About Grammar Is Wrong, and 7 Common Grammar Myths You’ll Never Fall For Again. These [...]

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The NFL Fumble: How to Remain on Offense


Last week the National Football League received intensified uproar from fans and sponsors after multiple accusations of domestic violence and child abuse cases unraveled. Some of the NFL’s biggest stars have been put in the spotlight including: Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his fiancé in the face, a police report describing abuse of [...]

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Checking In On Add-Ons


If you were on the internet last week, you probably heard about the Apple announcement. While the annual event is just an announcement of new Apple products, it has taken on the self-importance of an awards show. Eager Apple fans and tech reporters speculate and live-tweet the experience of Apple revealing new products to buy. [...]

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5 Reasons Your Company’s Facebook Is Failing


Social media has evolved to be a necessary component of your overall marketing strategy. But if your company is on Facebook just because you’ve been told you’re supposed to, don’t expect any results. Like any other component of your marketing strategy, you need to develop a strategic approach to marketing on Facebook.  By failing to [...]

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