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3 Early Signs Your Client Is Not That Into You


Client services is a very important aspect of every company. If your client is happy and satisfied with your work and response, then it is a sure way to not only grow your business, but maintain a lasting client relationship. But what happens when the client just isn’t into you? If you think a client [...]

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“Great” or “Too little, too late”? 3 Steps to a Winning Proposal

This week, a longtime client requested pricing for the “proposal response that will win.” We both chuckled before inking the deal. Don’t get me wrong; we both want and expect to win! But as an experienced pursuit manager with an enviable win rate, he understands that a document alone won’t bring work home. If you’re [...]

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Outside the Layer Cake Creative Office: Three Questions with Kimberly MacArthur Graham


Summer is here and is a perfect time to continue our blog series were we ask Layer Cakers what keeps them busy outside our bustling office. This month our principal, Kimberly MacArthur Graham, will give us a quick look into some of her goals, interests and passions that keep her motivated in this crazy thing [...]

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The First Mobile Device: Your Brain on Foot

Walking Blog

  If I had a theme song, it would be “The Ancient Egyptians” by cross-pollinating musical group Poi Dog Pondering. Subtitled a “love letter to Jonathan Richman,” it’s an ode to walking that begins with a nod to ancient history and ends with the benefits of ditching vehicular transport today in favor of one’s feet. [...]

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Outside the Layer Cake Office: Three Questions with Sean O’Keefe

In our ongoing series, here’s what Sean O’Keefe, client experience manager, told us about his life outside the office: What is your favorite hobby and why? I enjoy working out, playing basketball, traveling and North Carolina Basketball. Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled? Any travel plans coming up? I’ve lived on three continents and visited roughly [...]

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