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Big Changes to LinkedIn: Introducing Showcase Pages


Developing a LinkedIn strategy to promote each one of your products or services is something that many companies struggle with.  While some good strategies exist, you still risk paying too much attention to one product while ignoring others.  LinkedIn has provided a solution to this by creating Showcase Pages and getting rid of the Products [...]

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5 Common Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

Graphic design concept, vintage letterpress text

Graphic design trends are constantly evolving and so are the technologies and software we use to execute our product. Undoubtedly, there is a TON to stay on top of – proving graphic design to be both an art and a science (which is why I love it so much). Not only must we consider aesthetics, but [...]

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Are You Selling Paradise or Parking Lots? Why Ad Campaigns Veer Off-Course


I have scratched my head over more than a couple of ad campaigns. Anyone else remember the ill-advised McDonalds radio spots that featured a South American baseball player asking, “Did somebody say McDonalds?” in an accent thick enough that I wasn’t sure.   Well, add one to my list: the print ads for The [...]

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Personal Branding Lessons from an NFL Player

Branding - RG3 Logo

Earlier this month Robert Griffin III (RG3 as he is affectionately known), Quarterback for the Washington Redskins, unveiled a new personal logo and brand. The unveiling of his new logo came a few weeks prior to a new partnership with Adidas, and is polarizing the sports world. Sports purists (including countless well known columnists) are [...]

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How To Design for Effective Vehicle Wrap Advertising

How to design and effective vehicle wrap

An effective vehicle wrap is imaginative, clean, and bold. The next time you see a vehicle wrap, pay close attention. Does it stand out? Does it convey information? Is it memorable? If these key questions aren’t addressed during the design process, you might just miss the mark once the rubber meets the road. Vehicle wraps [...]

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