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What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

McDonalds, 20th Century Fox and LG- what do these three companies have in common? Audio branding.  They each have developed a strategic approach to their sound. What does your brand sound like? Many companies are saying, “We have no use for audio branding,” and it’s no surprise that these companies do not allocate nearly as [...]

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Right Place, Right Time is Strategy More Often than Luck

Sometimes marketing is simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time. As marketing professionals, we can all certainly agree that being in the right place at the right time is rarely a matter of luck but rather the result of a carefully executed strategy. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, [...]

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Top Session Picks for SXSW Interactive: The Written Word

When I lived in Austin, Texas, to attend university, I was a late-night hipster who swilled caffeine and puffed a pack a day. These were my salad days, giddy with anticipation and heady with the blossoming, physical and mental, that perfumes a college campus. I was also really, REALLY into the live music scene and [...]

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3 Tips for Business Emails that Work

Email may be the progeny of the written letter, but sometimes it’s hard to see the resemblance. And forget texting versus letter-writing! Email has taken us from multiple pages of heart-felt dialogue and formal phrasing to the uber-brief “Ok, thanks.” For personal correspondence and select inter-office emails (which often is used like texting or IMs), [...]

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Communicate to Connect: Three Tips for Acing the Interview

  At Layer Cake, some of our most personally rewarding projects are coaching for interviews and presentations. My colleague Sean O’Keefe recently helped a technology firm ace an important interview for a MSP engagement. Over the course of a couple weeks, this team readily absorbed his instructions on using language, both verbal and body language, [...]

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