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Playing the Numbers Game in Networking

A friend of mine moved to Denver to get into the beer industry. After nine months in Colorado, she met a guy at a beer festival who was opening a brewery in a few months. They hit it off, and he offered her the chance to be his assistant brewer, unpaid. Two years later, she’s [...]

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Make a Marketing Resolution for the New Year

  With the holidays at hand and the New Year just around the bend there’s no better time than now to start planning for 2015. Whether you’re hoping to climb a mountain, lose a little weight or increase your firm’s capacity to secure new revenue, there is no surer way to reach your goals than [...]

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Five Pieces of Advice from One Company Owner to Another


This year marks an exciting anniversary for Layer Cake Creative: 5 years! I feel fortunate that we have not only survived the “fatal five,” but we are thriving.  There were lean times in the early years, but we are growing by all measures and I’m incredibly proud of that. Of course, like any smart business [...]

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With Dialogue Comes Quality Control


In general, I think World War Two dictators are a bad rhetorical tool. But in the case of the Swiss retailer Migros unfortunate mini-creamer decorations, Hitler isn’t just a hypothetical example. Migros actually printed the faces of Hitler and Mussolini on its mini-creamers. How did European dictators end up on mini-cream containers? Before this incident, [...]

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Keep Calm and Slide On: How to keep your cool when things go awry during a presentation

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Recently, I have had the pleasure – no, really! – of giving three presentations in as many weeks. One was a webinar; one was a more formal classroom-style seminar with slides; and one was a more interactive, conversational format. In truth, the third gig was supposed to use slides, too, but well. . . there [...]

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