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Don’t Be Awkward, and Other Networking Tips

Hello I Am Talented Name Tag Job Fair Introduction Networking

After work today, I’ll be attending an American Society of Interior Designers event with my coworker. I haven’t been yet, but I imagine the experience will include nametags, glasses of red wine, and a room full of strangers. In other words, a social quagmire. It’s taken me a while to get comfortable at networking events. [...]

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Digital Marketing Defined

Digital Marketing infographic

The term “digital marketing” can be confusing to individuals unfamiliar with the tools and processes marketers use to build brand awareness, drive leads, and convert sales online. When marketers say “digital marketing,” we are often referring to a combined effort of several tools working together. The proper orchestration of these efforts produces the most effective [...]

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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream ‘Look at Me’

Ice bucket

By the time you’ve indulged in your morning coffee, I’m sure you’ve scrolled through several “ALS #IceBucketChallenge” videos from friends, family and the occasional athlete or celebrity screaming as they submerge themselves in chilly water. Some have argued the effectiveness of this campaign, but undoubtedly, the ALS Association has raised both money and awareness for [...]

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D.J. Horton- Director of Operations Extraordinaire


At Layer Cake Creative, we enjoy writing helpful and informational blog posts. But we also want you to get to know the people behind these educational blogs.  To do this, we’ve asked a set of questions to each of our team members to let you get to know a little more about their duties, responsibilities, [...]

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Product Placement


This week AdWeek will host a Twitter chat inviting its followers to weigh in on their thoughts related to product placement. Rather than just Tweet about the subject, I thought I would write a blog about it. By definition, product placement is the inclusion or reference to any product or service that is featured by [...]

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