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Community Cake: A Piece of the Denver Inner City Parish

At Layer Cake Creative, giving back to the community where we live, work and play is true to who we are.  It is great to see the impact it can make for the families and individuals around us and makes for a rewarding and heart-felt experience. Yesterday, I took some time and spent my evening [...]

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Daniel Kelley- Social Media Manager / Consultant


This week in the people behind the scenes at Layer Cake Creative, get to know Daniel Kelley, our Social Media Manager / Consultant.  Daniel is a seasoned seasoned social media strategist with an excellent track record of online community growth and engagement across all of the major social media channels and in the design, technology, hospitality, [...]

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The Protein Bar: Denver’s Healthiest Quick-Serve


Finally, a healthy quick serve restaurant that is actually healthy. There’s been a buzz around town about The Protein Bar, a new on-the-go breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot. Being a health nut myself, I recently decided to check it out and it’s fresh, flavorful, and priced within reason. As someone who eats minimal gluten and [...]

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Looking for a Gem of a Brand- Luncheon by Design & the Museum Rebranding Craze


For the third year in a row, I scored a coveted ticket to Luncheon by Design, the fancy annual fundraiser for the Design Council of the Denver Art Museum. The event begins with visiting and networking, hinges on hearing a high-profile, design-oriented speaker, and finishes with lunch and dessert (which I always miss because it [...]

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To Put It Simply: Hello!

Vector vintage background made from speech bubbles

Hi! I’m Rebecca Aronauer, and I just joined the team at Layer Cake to help with messaging and copywriting. As a longtime writer, I know writing is hard. There are a million rules, and many of them are contradictory. (Don’t get me started on the logic of who’s and whose.) And then there’s the pressure [...]

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