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Daniel Kelley- Social Media Manager / Consultant


This week in the people behind the scenes at Layer Cake Creative, get to know Daniel Kelley, our Social Media Manager / Consultant.  Daniel is a seasoned seasoned social media strategist with an excellent track record of online community growth and engagement across all of the major social media channels and in the design, technology, hospitality, [...]

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The Protein Bar: Denver’s Healthiest Quick-Serve


Finally, a healthy quick serve restaurant that is actually healthy. There’s been a buzz around town about The Protein Bar, a new on-the-go breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot. Being a health nut myself, I recently decided to check it out and it’s fresh, flavorful, and priced within reason. As someone who eats minimal gluten and [...]

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Looking for a Gem of a Brand- Luncheon by Design & the Museum Rebranding Craze


For the third year in a row, I scored a coveted ticket to Luncheon by Design, the fancy annual fundraiser for the Design Council of the Denver Art Museum. The event begins with visiting and networking, hinges on hearing a high-profile, design-oriented speaker, and finishes with lunch and dessert (which I always miss because it [...]

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To Put It Simply: Hello!

Vector vintage background made from speech bubbles

Hi! I’m Rebecca Aronauer, and I just joined the team at Layer Cake to help with messaging and copywriting. As a longtime writer, I know writing is hard. There are a million rules, and many of them are contradictory. (Don’t get me started on the logic of who’s and whose.) And then there’s the pressure [...]

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The Value of Art in the Built Environment

big sweep

I’m incredibly excited to introduce our newest Layer Cake team member. She’s 9 feet tall and sorta unkempt, but since “she” is a piece of art, I guess that’s ok. Over the weekend, we installed a hanging sculpture titled “What Remains” by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, and it’s been fun to see people’s reactions and talk [...]

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