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Keep Calm and Slide On: How to keep your cool when things go awry during a presentation

photo 3

Recently, I have had the pleasure – no, really! – of giving three presentations in as many weeks. One was a webinar; one was a more formal classroom-style seminar with slides; and one was a more interactive, conversational format. In truth, the third gig was supposed to use slides, too, but well. . . there [...]

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Frontier Airlines Flying High with New/Old Brand


Yesterday was a day full of animals, some friendly and some decidedly less so. Let’s start with the friendly. As part of Frontier Airlines’ brand refresh, unveiled in Denver on Tuesday, the plane livery grants even more real estate to the beloved tail animals. P.S. Studios, who did the rebrand, surveyed to find out what [...]

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Open Up to Other People’s Ideas: Why Consultants and Clients Need Each Other


Every summer, when I’m opening all my house windows to Colorado’s sublime climate, I linger at one particular locale. It is a large, front facing window with an arch of leaded glass. It’s not the beauty that stops me. It’s the engineering. We live in an old home, and the old front parlor comes complete [...]

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The Value of Art in the Built Environment

big sweep

I’m incredibly excited to introduce our newest Layer Cake team member. She’s 9 feet tall and sorta unkempt, but since “she” is a piece of art, I guess that’s ok. Over the weekend, we installed a hanging sculpture titled “What Remains” by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, and it’s been fun to see people’s reactions and talk [...]

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Green Marketing: Is going green a sustainable marketing strategy?

Green marketing word made up from green leafs

In today’s marketing environment where seemingly every company is green, sustainable, or eco-friendly how can you use green marketing to set yourself apart? Green marketing has been a buzzword in our industry for some time. The idea of using a firm’s ecological and environmentally conscious practices as a focal point for advertising began to take [...]

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