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What Story Are You Telling?


Over the past week, I visited New York, where I grew up and lived for most of my life. It was a great vacation: I caught up with friends and family, I ate well, and I saw great art. Before I left for my trip, I made a conscious decision to focus on the positive [...]

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LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform


LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals providing a platform for individual professionals to connect with each other, connecting people to firms, and employees with their employers and coworkers. Basically, if you combined networking events, water cooler talk, a Rolodex of business cards, and a company newsletter. . .  you would get LinkedIn. [...]

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Marketing with Patience


In this data driven world, people want every initiative to have a measurable return. But the fact is, in big and small marketing efforts, it’s still impossible to know exactly why a person becomes a fan, and why that fan becomes a customer. Take the World Cup, which started last Friday in Brazil. Leading up [...]

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WAIT!! Slowing Down in a Fast-paced Environment


Okay…this blog post isn’t entirely original – it was inspired by a recent article in How Magazine – but the message resonated with me and is absolutely worth sharing. Let me introduce myself, again. I’m a designer with a very busy schedule – not only at work but just in general. The weeks fly by [...]

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The Devil in (Overlooking) the Details: How to Recover from Mistakes

Mistake Word Person Overcoming Error to Success

As a consultancy that budgets and bills by the hour, and whose work is invariably deadline-driven, we are often working inhumanly fast – on multiple projects. This does not support meticulous work and that is why we proof things multiple times. Ideally, the proofer has never seen / read the piece they’re reviewing, so we [...]

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