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Marketing with Patience


In this data driven world, people want every initiative to have a measurable return. But the fact is, in big and small marketing efforts, it’s still impossible to know exactly why a person becomes a fan, and why that fan becomes a customer. Take the World Cup, which started last Friday in Brazil. Leading up [...]

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Open Up to Other People’s Ideas: Why Consultants and Clients Need Each Other


Every summer, when I’m opening all my house windows to Colorado’s sublime climate, I linger at one particular locale. It is a large, front facing window with an arch of leaded glass. It’s not the beauty that stops me. It’s the engineering. We live in an old home, and the old front parlor comes complete [...]

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Denver’s 5 Best Happy Hours


Denver prides itself on having the ‘best’ when it comes to sports, weather and of course beer. However, when narrowing down the list of ‘the best of the best’ for food, bubbly beverages and exceptional deals, it’s nearly impossible. Fortunately with temperatures in the 80s and a forecast of exceptional summer happy hours, I narrowed [...]

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Looking for a Gem of a Brand- Luncheon by Design & the Museum Rebranding Craze


For the third year in a row, I scored a coveted ticket to Luncheon by Design, the fancy annual fundraiser for the Design Council of the Denver Art Museum. The event begins with visiting and networking, hinges on hearing a high-profile, design-oriented speaker, and finishes with lunch and dessert (which I always miss because it [...]

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The Value of Art in the Built Environment

big sweep

I’m incredibly excited to introduce our newest Layer Cake team member. She’s 9 feet tall and sorta unkempt, but since “she” is a piece of art, I guess that’s ok. Over the weekend, we installed a hanging sculpture titled “What Remains” by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, and it’s been fun to see people’s reactions and talk [...]

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