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Are You Selling Paradise or Parking Lots? Why Ad Campaigns Veer Off-Course


I have scratched my head over more than a couple of ad campaigns. Anyone else remember the ill-advised McDonalds radio spots that featured a South American baseball player asking, “Did somebody say McDonalds?” in an accent thick enough that I wasn’t sure.   Well, add one to my list: the print ads for The [...]

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5 Tips for Selling Professional Services

How to sell professional services

  I get asked all the time, “How do you sell professional services?”   Someone outside the industry is typically curious about how services marketing is different from product marketing (a.k.a., “business to consumer,” or B-to-C marketing). So I might respond, for example, that services marketing might bypass the daily paper and focus advertising and [...]

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“Flush Out” Versus “Flesh Out” and Other Common Eggcorns and Idio-mistakes

“Flush out” versus “flesh out” and other common eggcorns and idio-mistakes

  As a language geek and etymology freak, I adore idioms. What isn’t to love about “scapegoat,” “three sheets to the wind” or “looking a gift horse in the mouth”? They are vivid expressions that add color and fun to communication, especially when used conversationally.   The English language, for all of its awkwardness, is [...]

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Information to Love and Share: What is an “Item of Value” and how does it improve marketing ROI?

Item of Value Marketing

What is an “Item of Value” and how does it improve marketing ROI? This week I’ve been rather frantically trying to identify a blog topic, with no success. It seemed like the more I tried to nail it down, the more an interesting subject eluded me. When I arrived home yesterday, still topic-less, I noted [...]

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What’s the Difference? You Know What I Mean

When Is It Proper To Use Ampersand In Place of And?

This is the first in an occasional series that grouses about the demise of proper communication thanks to texting, Facebook, and other modern-day inconveniences.   When Is It Proper To Use Ampersand In Place of And? I (heart) the ampersand. I love the word and I adore the snaky symbol (&), especially when rendered in [...]

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