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Collaboration or Confrontation: What Makes a Good Agency-Client Relationship

Few things are harder to say than good-bye. No matter whether it’s a death or a divorce, parting ways can be emotionally draining and often, financially taxing as well. If only we had better hindsight, or clearer crystal balls, and could see a good relationship sour down the road! Since we can’t, most of us [...]

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Five Pieces of Advice from One Company Owner to Another


This year marks an exciting anniversary for Layer Cake Creative: 5 years! I feel fortunate that we have not only survived the “fatal five,” but we are thriving.  There were lean times in the early years, but we are growing by all measures and I’m incredibly proud of that. Of course, like any smart business [...]

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Keep Calm and Slide On: How to keep your cool when things go awry during a presentation

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Recently, I have had the pleasure – no, really! – of giving three presentations in as many weeks. One was a webinar; one was a more formal classroom-style seminar with slides; and one was a more interactive, conversational format. In truth, the third gig was supposed to use slides, too, but well. . . there [...]

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6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Boss Happier

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared a few of my approaches to hiring great people with potential employers. This week, I have decided to take the other seat and share something with potential employees. After writing the previous blog, I started thinking about how I would actually define my ideal team member.  Based on [...]

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Talented or Toxic: Why Employees Really ARE Like Mushrooms


Who hasn’t heard (or issued) the old complaint, “They treat me like a mushroom. They keep me in the dark. . . “ Not sure my team knows, but I DO think of my them like mushrooms. But before you send me hate mail, let me explain. First, I want to make it clear that [...]

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