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Top Session Picks for SXSW Interactive: The Written Word

When I lived in Austin, Texas, to attend university, I was a late-night hipster who swilled caffeine and puffed a pack a day. These were my salad days, giddy with anticipation and heady with the blossoming, physical and mental, that perfumes a college campus. I was also really, REALLY into the live music scene and [...]

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3 Tips for Business Emails that Work

Email may be the progeny of the written letter, but sometimes it’s hard to see the resemblance. And forget texting versus letter-writing! Email has taken us from multiple pages of heart-felt dialogue and formal phrasing to the uber-brief “Ok, thanks.” For personal correspondence and select inter-office emails (which often is used like texting or IMs), [...]

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Communicate to Connect: Three Tips for Acing the Interview

  At Layer Cake, some of our most personally rewarding projects are coaching for interviews and presentations. My colleague Sean O’Keefe recently helped a technology firm ace an important interview for a MSP engagement. Over the course of a couple weeks, this team readily absorbed his instructions on using language, both verbal and body language, [...]

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Technical Writing and Other Proof that Art and Science are Yin and Yang

As a technical writer and editor, I am asked often, “What does that mean?” “What exactly do you do?” “How do you know what they’re saying?” I think of my role as a translator between the technical professional and their reader. As the lead technical writer for Layer Cake Creative, I work with experts in [...]

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Collaboration or Confrontation: What Makes a Good Agency-Client Relationship

Few things are harder to say than good-bye. No matter whether it’s a death or a divorce, parting ways can be emotionally draining and often, financially taxing as well. If only we had better hindsight, or clearer crystal balls, and could see a good relationship sour down the road! Since we can’t, most of us [...]

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