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So Fly: Steadicam Smooths Out The Bumps on Fly-Through Video

For a mini-documentary we’re making about an artist, I’m using a favorite new tool: a camera-stabilizing device called a steadicam. By using a steadicam system to follow her around while she animatedly paints on several large canvases, I was able to eliminate the inevitable (distracting!!) bumps and shakes I’d get from a traditional, hand-held video [...]

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LCD TV’s as Digital Signage

Stop in the lobby/entry area of most high-powered corporate offices and you’ll see a large-screen LCD TV or two flashing the company’s logo, or displaying a video telling their story. Since LCD screens have drastically come down in price, they are an affordable option as office signage for almost any business. It’s exciting because you’re [...]

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Using Video Animation to Tell Your Story

The word “animation” may conjure up (depending upon your age) Looney Toons, Sponge Bob Squarepants, or South Park? All pretty goofy, if entertaining. Video animation can also be a serious, if entertaining, marketing and sales tool. According to Cisco Systems, two-thirds of the world’s mobile traffic data will be video by 2017. It makes sense: [...]

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Signing your Brand

Walk into any company office and, even if you’ve visited the web site or spoken to someone on the phone, you’ll immediately form an opinion about the company. Chances are good that the first things you’ll see will be a waiting area, a reception desk and a sign bearing the company’s name on the wall. In that moment, this small environment is your only insight into the company. So [...]

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Responsive Web Design = Universal Design Layout Across All Platforms

Most everyone these days is looking at websites on mobile devices. As designers, we’ve had to think about how to present web content so it displays properly and maintains its look and brand integrity on all devices. The result is called Responsive Web Design. Traditional practice was to design a basic web site, and then [...]

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