Wicked shows how powerful PR can be

So I finally got around to seeing in Wicked last weekend (I’m guessing many of you have already seen it…)  I hadn’t read the book, so the story was brand new to me.  Besides being thoroughly entertained I was really taken by how the plot is basically all about PR.  At it’s core it asks you to decide if the “wicked” witch is wicked or not.  Is she really a bad person, or was it all created by publicity?  There’s even a character in the musical that is the official “press secretary” of Oz.   After the witch is tricked into using her powers for something she strongly believes against, she flees Oz.  The press secretary tells the public that the witch is wicked and shouldn’t be trusted, basically causing a “witch hunt” for her.  After that moment everyone generally agrees that she is wicked.  It’s a  musical and a simplified version of what happens in the real world, but a great example of how powerful PR can be.  We prefer to tap into the power of PR for the purposed of good rather than evil though.



Layer Cake Creative is a strategic marketing agency specializing in communications, design, publicity and online marketing that enrich your brand and support your strategic and sales goals.  This Denver marketing firm specializes in promoting professional services such as architecture, construction, engineering, law, finance, and real estate.


Kevin Kowalczyk is Layer Cake Creative’s online marketing and event specialist.  He started his career in the event industry more than a decade ago, which was a jumping-off point for his expertise in promotion through online marketing tools such as website development, social media, pay-per-click and SEO / SEM.

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